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About Our Company

Pull Property Investments, LLC is a real estate investment and renovation company based out of Pasadena California. While best known for our extreme renovation projects, we also help private lenders invest in real estate opportunities, and manage a portfolio of rental properties.

We partner with homeowners, agents, investors, wholesalers, contractors and vendors to create opportunities that are mutually beneficial. We welcome the opportunity to explore new potential business collaborations.

Michael Pullins

On the heels of a prolific career coaching world-class, collegiate track and field athletes, Michael leveraged his skills and talent to become a full time real estate entrepreneur; launching Pull Property Investments, LLC with his wife Erin. It was a natural evolution after having purchased, renovated, and rented property for more than a decade prior. While actively managing the business, Michael continues to indulge his passion for helping others achieve, by mentoring and advising aspiring real estate entrepreneurs. Michael holds BS and ME degrees from the University of Southern California.

Real estate entrepreneurship has proven to be an excellent means of employing Erin’s financial background, gained from 8 years in the financial services industry, while satisfying her knack for creativity. She delights in creating beautiful, highly functional living spaces, with unrelenting commitment to quality workmanship. When she's not choosing tile, selecting vanities, or meeting with contractors, Erin enjoys spending time with her and Michael's two young sons. Erin holds a BS from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

Erin Pullins
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