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Canfield Road, Pasadena

Most would say that this house was move-in-ready when we purchased it. It was, indeed, a nice enough home already. Still, we saw potential for it to be made really special. The first, and probably most important, change we made was to remove the walls and closets that existed at the entryway. This resulted in the house immediately appearing larger and more modern. We also enlarged the master bathroom and closet and relocated the laundry room to the hallway, which allowed more space for the dining area.  The pool needed to be re-plastered and re-tiled, so we took care of that. We also removed the brick pavers from a large section of the back yard and replaced them with fresh sod to create a softer landscape. We replaced the fence around the back yard and, last but not least, added hedges along the street side of the house, which did wonders to make the home feel more private.




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