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Louise Ave, Encino

4316 Louise Ave - HsH Prod.-49.jpg

This was a unique project for us, in the way that it came to us. Unlike most projects, where we purchase the house and then renovate and sell, we never actually purchased this house. The house had been abandoned by previous investors and the lender had taken ownership. We were then hired to complete the renovation on behalf of the lender.


When we took over, a substantial part of the renovation had already been completed (see before photos). We discovered very quickly, however, what a challenge it was to pick up where the previous team had left off, without having much information about their plans. There was quite a bit of discovery and correction required before we could get on to the much more exciting design phase. There were also a lot of decisions to make about which of the already completed design details we wanted to change, and which we would keep in order to stay within budget. In the end, we think the house turned out very nice. It sold quickly, after multiple offers. 



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