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Oneonta Knoll, South Pasadena


Having been kept as a rental property, and not very well maintained for the past 50+ years, this house was in pretty bad shape when we bought it. It was definitely the least appealing home on the block. There was extensive repair work to be completed before the house could even be considered habitable. Yet with it located in South Pasadena, this property came with the benefit of an excellent school district, which was a major consideration in our decision to pursue the project. After first focusing on the necessary repairs and installing new systems and windows, we framed out and added nearly 500 square feet to the house, which created room for a spacious master bedroom suite. We added an oversized island for functionality and to serve as a partition between the kitchen and the living room. As you can never have enough storage or pantry space, we added plenty of closets in the kitchen and hallway. For landscaping, we simply removed all of the overgrown shrubs to expose the house, then added sod and plants to complement. 

In the end, the house was as good as new and barely recognizable from before. 



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