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Palm Street, Pasadena


This is a special estate, and was a truly gratifying renovation project for us. The property had been neglected for many years before we purchased it. Though you could tell that it was once beautiful, the house was in such bad shape that we turned it down when it was first shown to us years earlier. We finally decided to go for it after a couple of years, once some of the debris had been removed and we could begin to envision its potential.


On the first day we took possession, we had a massive bee hive removed from the walls and ceiling of the front room. This was the first of many adventures and amusing, yet often disquieting, occurrences.  


As we worked to restore the house, we came to understand and appreciate what a treasure this home is and its significance to the neighborhood and Altadena community. Ultimately, we received multiple offers on the property and sold it significantly over asking. Our renovation resulted in an 87% increase in value.



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