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Paloma Street, Pasadena

Modernizing the layout of this house required significant structural changes. Having not been updated since the house was originally built, the existing floor plan was compartmentalized and would not appeal to most buyers. To open the main living spaces, we had to remove the fireplace and all of the interior walls.  We also framed-in a small addition to make the new kitchen area larger, and flow more naturally. From the remaining interior space, we created a master suite and laundry area, and left the other two bedrooms and one bathroom in place. There was an existing work-space in the garage, which created a lovely detached bonus room once we walled it off. Both the front and back yards were in rough shape, so we installed all new landscaping outside. Lastly, we added a white-wash finish to the existing exterior brick siding, which added charm and enhanced curb appeal. 



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