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Roosevelt Avenue, Pasadena

Maintaining the rich character of the house and neighborhood was paramount as we approached the remodel of this east Pasadena home. For the most part, the house still had all of its original characteristics since it had been built in 1938. We opened a few walls to create a more open floor plan and added a few to make the bedrooms and bathrooms flow more naturally. Otherwise, there were not a lot of changes made to the layout. Though you’d never know by looking at the house from the front, it is over 2,200 square feet large with an additional studio unit built off of the side of the garage. Five-hundred square feet had been added to the main house in 1948, but the unit off of the garage was original to the house. With a center courtyard accessible from the dining area and the master bedroom, this home made a lovely sanctuary for its new owners.   



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